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Advanced Scheduling

The Ailytic AI Scheduler simplifies the complex task of creating, updating and publishing production schedules.  It easily models and manages complex operational constraints to ensure what you schedule is what will actually happen in the real world.
Comprehensive Configuration

Easily Configure your Operations, Plant Floor and Equipment Hierarchy, BOM's and Routes to accurately reflect your physical and operational environment.

Model shifts, calendarised resource and machine rates, scheduled maintenance, seasonality and other attributes for true capacity calculation across the entire site.

Operation config multi step.png
Seamless Integration

Import, validate, error check and assess production orders, dry goods, inventory, machine state, maintenance and outages from a range of systems including ERP, MES, SCADA, Historian, Sensors and Custom Data sources.

Inventory view.png
Dynamic Visuals

Dynamic Views: represent scheduled work in a dynamic graphical Gantt view and Flexible Grid. Context Sensitive pop-ups, tool tips and drill through for further detail.

Visualise in dynamic time increments to zero in on areas of conflict and opportunity in the schedule and aid in load levelling for Master Production Scheduling.

Scheduler Screen 1.png

Safety Stock, Dry Goods, Inbound Supply and Raw Material consumption and interaction at an operational level.

Ensure production and maintenance are synchronised with dynamic outage consideration using existing preventative and planned maintenance activities as well as opportune maintenance scenarios. 

and Analyse

Optimise using advanced Artificial Intelligence Optimisation to improve scheduling time and increase accuracy.

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Analyse scenarios against key objectives, schedule adherence and run multiple what-ifs with the Performance Analytics module.


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