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General Manufacturing

Challenges for Manufacturers:

A significant specialist skills shortage and ageing workforce make it challenginging to retain key operational knowledge

Global dynamics are having an increasingly greater impact on the bottom line as trade agreements are restructured and globalisation continues to gather pace

Responsive product ideation and faster velocity to market to meet changing demand is critical for survival 

Input, labour and capital costs remain high driving a focus on maintaining margin to remain viable

The worlds best performing manufacturing countries have a vibrant innovation ecosystem and utilise cutting edge technology and business processes to specialise smartly in chosen markets.

How Ailytic can help

Flexible configuration options

Easily Configure your Operations, Work Centre, Plant Floor and Equipment Hierarchy to accurately reflect your physical environment

Machine Performance Management

Consider the unique capabilities of each resource in your manufacturing environment by modelling accurate performance metrics and use those capabilities to forward model each order sequence with confidence.

Complex BOM management

Incorporate hierarchical and exploding BOM’s with no limitation on complex routings, calendarised attributes and finished product characteristics

Order Sizing

Dynamically adjust work order sizes on the fly to ensure production is tweaked around your intimate knowledge of the environment, safety stock or what the customer actually wants

Model production impacts

Model shifts, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, seasonality and other attributes for true capacity calculation across the entire site. 

Flexible capacities

Fully calendarised resources to forward project variable equipment capacities and attributes based on real world operations.

Performance Analytics
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