Ailytic initiates AI countermeasure development in partnership with global leading manufacturers

Adelaide, February 5th 2020: Ailytic has initiated a project with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre - Australia's leading federal government body focused on transforming Australian Manufacturing to be more globally competitive and generate the demand for jobs.

This project will deliver automated real-time countermeasures to address manufacturing production anomalies as and when they arise within manufacturing operations. The project will demonstrate the technology in four project participants.

The solution will act as an operational “co-pilot” that provides AI generated recommendations that can be applied by the human operations team to optimally and efficiently resolve production issues in real-time.

This project will demonstrate the convergence of AI, IIoT devices, advanced simulation, cloud computing, and analytics. Real-time process monitoring via IIoT sensors (where PLC/SCADA automation or MES do not exist) to model productive time on equipment and count production quantities will feed live data into the Ailytic cloud-based AI and simulation engine. The engine will identify anomalies, explore simulated anomaly permutations and recommend optimised actions to improve workflows and counteract adverse real-time events.

This countermeasure capability will deliver more than standard manual or optimised deviation management of traditional decision support tools and will attempt to anticipate likely issues impacting production, predict production rate changes and provide pre-prepared alternate scenarios that production management can rapidly execute to achieve plan compliance.

Upon project conclusion, each of the project partner manufacturers will have demonstrated the generation of real-time AI scheduling and countermeasure recommendations in their respective operational environments via a production pilot.

Romania's Largest Wine Company optimises operations with Ailytic

Adelaide, December 9th 2019: Jidvei, one of Eastern Europe's largest wine companies has partnered with Ailytic for optimizing their packaging operations.

Deploying the smart factory IoT capability, in combination with the AI Scheduler, Jidvei will increase efficiency by taking demand for finished product and optimally allocating that demand to the production lines and winery. Materials, personnel, equipment and inventory will all be managed in a cloud platform for daily, weekly and monthly decision making.

The Jidvei project expands on the existing partnership we have with the worlds leading wine producers including Treasury Wine Estates/Penfolds, Pernod Ricard, First Creek and others.


Over a number of weeks each system component will be deployed remotely in stages without the need for Ailytic to visit the operations.

Chubby Gorilla gets agressive about Efficiency

Adelaide, October 15th 2019: Australian software company Ailytic has secured its first customer in China, a USA-based company manufacturing plastic components for a range of Industries.

The partnership involves the use of AIoT, Analytics and Optimisation technology on up to 100 injection moulding and blow moulding machines making products for a range of export markets.


Chubby Gorilla was founded with one primary goal in mind: make great products that people love using. Everyday that simple goal informs every decision that they make. These efforts have made Chubby Gorilla the market leader in it’s mission to assist the packaging industry in emerging sectors and markets.

Ailytic opens first international office in Changzhou, China to help improve efficiencies in China’s manufacturing sector

Adelaide, September 3rd 2019: Australian software company Ailytic has opened it’s first international office in Changzhou, China. 

Ailytic’s expansion into China’s manufacturing sector has been successfully implemented through the Landing Pad in Shanghai, one of five global hubs established by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade).

China is a focus for Ailytic’s international expansion as our strategic vision aligns with the Made in China 2025 innovation-driven development plan. 

The Ailytic Software systems, linking to light weight Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors are targeted towards the beverage production, filling, packaging, injection moulding, steel, textile, printing and dyeing industries which are spread broadly over the region.

Ailytic presents at the Southern Hemispheres largest Wine Technology event

Adelaide, July 2019: James Balzary, founder and CEO of Ailytic presented at the WineTech 2019 conference this week on the topic of IoT and AI for improved production decision making.

The nature of the upstream wine supply chain from intake to distribution has not traditionally leant itself to an integrated planning philosophy. Barriers still exist due to organisational and operational differences. Winemaking and Packaging operations are struggling to understand each other in an integrated way and decisions are often made in silo’s. In this talk we will analyse some critical reasons why this is the case and explore the drivers of operational efficiency for improved decision making when allocating personnel, equipment and materials in winery and packaging operations. A driving force for change is the use of smart IIoT and AI technologies to assist in increasing profitability.

Ailytic participates in Austrade Landing Pads program - Shanghai

March, 2019 Shanghai, China: Ailytic has participated in the Austrade landing Pads program in Shanghai accelerating our entry to the Chinese market.

Landing Pads provide market-ready startups and scaleups with:

- a ninety day residency in a co-working space to help them grow their business by facilitating in-market business development, introductions to investors and mentor networks and strategic partnership opportunities

- business services and in-market learnings from local and international experts

- access to a curated community that supports Australian entrepreneurs who want to go global via shared insights and collaboration opportunities, and 

- assistance post residency with business advice to help them continue to grow their business.

We have now established our office, are now hiring and building sales, marketing and product development to accelerate our innovation strategy of enabling manufacturers around the world to maximise efficiency.

Nippy's embarks on efficiency drive for state of the art facility

Adelaide, November 14th 2018: Nippy’s, the iconic South Australian beverage brand has partnered with Ailytic to manage and improve operational performance at its Moorook facility in South Australia. The team have installed the TileBoard software application to manage and monitor line performance on the new filling and packaging line which bottles some of the best known beverage brands in Australia and international markets.

Liberty Reinforcing digitises operations with IIoT to increase efficiency and productivity

Adelaide, November 5th 2018: Liberty Reinforcing has partnered with Ailytic to manage and improve operational performance at its steel reinforcing business in Noble Park, Victoria. The team has implemented the Worximity Smart Factory suite comprising TileConnect sensors and TileBoard software on six lines, giving real-time monitoring and control of metrics such as Availability, Performance, Downtime and Efficiency to assist management in driving efficiency and productivity gains.

Ailytic CEO to present at New Zealand wine event

Adelaide, October 10th 2018:  James Balzary will be presenting at the Wine Engineering Association event on the 18th October in Napier New Zealand.  He will be discussing decision making in winery and packaging operations, utilising Artificial Intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things.  

The event will be held at the Napier Conference Centre, Wednesday 17th - Thursday 18th October, 2018.

Ailytic shares in $3.2 Million in funding


Adelaide, June 2018: Ailytic has been successful in securing further support from Accelerating Commercialisation with a $310,000 grant to help fund further development of the Advanced Scheduler for manufacturers.

Ailytic CEO presents at the Australian National Manufacturing Week


Sydney, May 2018: Ailytic to explore decision improvement using IIoT and AI at National Manufacturing Week 2018

Ailytic digitises OzPak packaging operations to increase efficiency and productivity


Adelaide, November 30th 2017: OzPak has partnered with Ailytic and Worximity to manage and improve operational performance at its packaging facility in the Victoria, Australia. OzPak has implemented the Smart Factory suite comprising TileConnect sensors and TileBoard software on two wine bottling lines, giving real-time monitoring and control of metrics such as Availability, Performance, Downtime and Efficiency to assist management in driving efficiency and productivity gains.

Ailytic Wins the Impact Award!

Adelaide, October 20th, 2017:  Ailytic is celebrating the ultimate recognition of excellence as a recipient of the coveted 2017 National Wine Industry IMPACT Award - Startup of the Year. Each of the winning businesses in the Awards introduced innovative developments in the past year that showcase a commitment to improving the competitiveness and capability of the nation’s grape and wine industry while developing exciting new consumer experiences.

Zenith Award Finalist - Ailytic

Adelaide, August 4th 2017: Ailytic has been nominated for the annual PACE Zenith awards to be held in In Hyde Park in Sydney in August 2017.

We have been nominated for delivering value to a range of customers with sensors, software, business consulting and engagement in AI optimisation of manufacturing operations across industries including food and beverage, specifically wine, and other discrete manufacturing such as steel fabrication.

Artificial intelligence boosts wine’s bottom line

Adelaide, July 24th 2017: The Australian wine industry is turning to artificial intelligence to streamline its manufacturing.


South Australian tech firm Ailytic has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) program to significantly increase production efficiency by optimising machine use.

It uses an AI technique called ‘prescriptive analytics’ to account for all the variables that go into mass-producing wines such as grape variety, packaging and finished product inventory.

Ailytic nominated for the 2017 Wine Industry Impact Awards

Adelaide, July 10th, 2017:  A 70 percent increase in nominations for the prestigious 2017 Wine Industry IMPACT Awards reflects a vibrant and positive outlook for the sector, with a sharp increase in the involvement of startup enterprises.

WISA executive officer Matthew Moate says the awards showcase proven and practical concepts, technologies, services and solutions in one of the nation’s most dynamic sectors.

“Judged by industry experts, the awards are based on nominations across categories including grapegrowing, winemaking, engineering, packaging, distribution and logistics, marketing and communications and tourism,” Matt says. “This year we are excited to introduce a Startup category recognising entrepreneurial and newly emerging ventures or micro businesses that have developed outstanding products, processes or services. “The Startup Award category reflects the visionary and progressive nature of the grape and wine industry that supports 45,000 jobs, $12.2 billion in output, and $5.5 billion in value-add to the Australian economy.

Ailytic (Startup/Packaging)
Founded in June 2016, Ailytic is an Adelaide-based software company dedicated to helping manufacturers increase production efficiency and reduce costs. It partners with wine producers supporting operational systems and delivers patented analytical decision platforms and advanced modelling software for wine production enabled by artificial intelligence optimisation.

A business that strengthens Adelaide's credentials both as a city of startups and a viable manufacturing hub

Adelaide, May 19th, 2017: Below is an article from CityMag which is working with the State Government on a series of articles that profile the new businesses and influencers who are shaping Adelaide’s future.


What Ailytic – a new Adelaide-based startup – does is complicated.


The simplest explanation is the company has developed software that uses artificial intelligence to help manufacturing businesses schedule their operations to be as efficient as possible.

The innovation recognised and developed  by this Ailytic is not so much a whole new method for dealing with manufacturing scheduling, but instead the company’s development of a way to bring this kind of advanced AI optimisation to a new tier of businesses – small-to-medium manufacturing concerns.

Ailytic partners with Australias only remaining sink manufacturer to improve efficiency

Adelaide, May 10th 2017: Tasman Sinkware, who manufacture under the Oliveri brand name, have partnered with Australian company Ailytic to deliver improvements in manufacturing efficiency with automation, artificial intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), investing in the further development of their South Australian manufacturing plant and securing SA jobs.

Tasman Sinkware manufactures a range of leading sinks and distributes associated kitchen and laundry hardware to the Australian market, as well as exporting around the world, from its manufacturing headquarters in Regency Park, South Australia. Operating since 1948, Tasman Sinkware has a focus on high quality products, which feature in popular reality shows such as The Block and House Rules as well as often being the choice for celebrity designer homes such as Alisa Fraser of The Block fame. 

Tasman Sinkware partners with many local businesses, such as retailers and kitchen designer companies to distribute its locally manufactured products which are featured in prominent kitchen showrooms all around South Australia and Australia. Its Australian made sinks are a trusted staple for home builders, plumbers and cabinet makers and have been enjoyed in Australian homes for generations.

“Tasman Sinkware and the Oliveri name is an iconic and important brand in Australia and overseas” said John Woodcock, Tasman’s General Manager Operations. “We continuously strive to innovate and manufacture our range as efficiently as possible and as a result improve the customer’s experience” said John. “We chose Ailytic to pilot some key technologies that are on the cutting edge and liked their rapid deployment suite of intelligent decision systems including wireless smart factory sensors, scheduling and optimisation software. These will enable our focus on improved real time metrics, operational control and forward decision making about what to produce day in day out considering increasing demand”.

James Balzary, CEO of Ailytic states “traditional manufacturing industries including small to medium sized businesses now have potential to utilise technologies previously only available to larger companies due to cost and complexity. Tasman Sinkware have done an amazing job streamlining operations, reducing cost and becoming more energy efficient and now it is about replacing legacy processes with automated and optimised systems that can empower operators and management to make more informed decisions. These capabilities can be deployed in hours and instantly deliver insights that increase efficiency and reduce costs”.

Event - Creating Value in Manufacturing with Data Analytics

May 8th 2017: Ailytic will be speaking at the upcoming Business Analytics Conference being held by the Melbourne Business School. Melbourne Business School’s Centre for Business Analytics presents the Melbourne Business Analytics Conference on Thursday 13th July 2017, showcasing the leading Analytics and Data-Driven practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. Providing a forum for 350+ senior executives, industry professionals and researchers, to discuss the transformation of decision making through advanced analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI and leadership in Data and Analytics. A highlight is our ‘Innovation’ track, celebrating Australia's best and brightest Data and Analytics startups and emerging innovators.

Ailytic shares in million dollar windfall to optimise production enviornments and resources

Adelaide, April 5th 2017: Australian software company Ailytic has been awarded a South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund grant as part of the State Government’s innovation initiative administered by TechInSA. Ailytic’s “Resource  Optimiser” software utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve decisions about resource allocation in complex production environments, leading to significant cost savings and efficiencies.


Ailytic will leverage the grant assistance to accelerate the development of the resource optimisation module to add to its current platform of decision support products. The funding, matched by investor and seed capital will aid in  R&D and pilot engagements with a focus on key South Australian industries such as wine, food manufacture, packaging and general manufacturing. Specifically, the Resource Optimiser will deliver outcomes such as reduced costs, improved staff management, efficient equipment utilisation and better customer service.

“After raw materials, workforce and equipment expenditure represents the next two most influential cost components to most manufacturers” said James Balzary, Co-Founder and CEO of Ailytic. “While the key focus for improved performance should be on optimising production, it is imperative to allocate the right number of people with the right capabilities to the expected work at hand, and to also ensure that all equipment used in the manufacturing process is efficiently utilised”. “We are focused on delivering that capability in a flexible, integrated system that can be rapidly implemented”. “The SAECF grant program is a great addition to the South Australian innovation ecosystem and will deliver real outcomes for the local economy, both in terms of supporting local businesses and allowing them to bring beneficial capabilities to global markets”.

“Companies like Ailytic are indicative of the innovative businesses and technologies being developed in South Australia. Their use of AI is an example of the disruptive technologies that TechinSA is assisting to bring to market” said Mr Joe Thorp, Chief Executive, TechinSA.


About Ailytic

Ailytic is an Australian company delivering innovative performance management and optimisation solutions to manufacturing, food and beverage, packaging and general process and discrete industries. Ailytic’s capability enables insights that generate significant returns by utilising real-time metrics, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to manage plant performance and create value. Lightweight, easily deployed, cloud-based and intelligent with significant end-user focus, Ailytic’s capability reduces time to value by turning operations staff into analysts with easy modelling of complex operational environments.


About TechinSA

TechInSA works with the SA high tech sector to facilitate commercialisation and growth. The agency administers the SAECF grants program and provides business assistance to early stage companies and entrepreneurs. It also manages two business facilities based at the Thebarton Technology Precinct. TechInSA is the South Australian Government’s innovation agency. .

AIlytic recieves Federal Government backing to help support Australian Manufacturing

Adelaide, March 2nd 2017: Australian software company Ailytic has been awarded a commercialisation grant as part of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Ailytic will leverage the grant assistance to deliver its innovative artificial intelligence optimisation and predictive analytics platform to assist Australian and Global Manufacturers to be more competitive. The grant funding, matched by seed capital and existing revenue streams will be utilised in customer engagements with a focus on food and beverage, packaging and general manufacturing industries. Specifically, the project and related implementations of the Ailytic Optimisation Platform will deliver outcomes such as reduced costs, increased throughput, greater equipment efficiency, a reduction in working capital and work in progress inventory and greater confidence in projected supply chain outcomes including in full on time delivery.

“Australian manufacturing is under intense pressure and recent high profile closure announcements have dulled the outlook and perception of the industry” said James Balzary, Co-Founder and CEO of Ailytic. “The reality is, there are an enormous number of businesses continuing to operate and new entrants starting up in key sectors, though these businesses need to keep a close eye on factors that can affect their sustainability”.  “Three key seismic factors are disrupting how companies deliver products to market – Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Optimisation and manufacturers that are in a competitive environment that fail to recognise these shifts will struggle to compete effectively in the future” said James. “The challenge is how you start and what you focus on in this new digital world”.

Ailytic now enables Australian Manufacturers with Smart Factory Solutions

Adelaide, February 15th 2017: Ailytic has partnered with Worximity to deliver Smart Factory capabilities to the Australian market focusing on Productivity, Downtime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Worximitiy has created a rapid deployment, WiFi enabled sensor and linked it to a cloud based analytics platform that can be deployed in a number of hours to any plant environment for immediate and valuable operational insights. Their TileConnect and TileBoard systems are the perfect springboard for small to medium sized manufacturers to begin their digitisation journey towards advanced manufacturing.


Ailytic decided to work with Worximity because we have a strongly aligned philosophy of enabling machine connectivity, deploying real-time analytics and combining that with predictive and prescriptive insights to drive better decision-making in manufacturing environments.“ said James Balzary, CEO and Co-Founder of Ailytic. By integrating Worximity's rapid-deployment smart factory solutions with Ailytic's optimisation platform, the company will provide customers with adaptive insights that improve efficiency within days, rather than weeks and months. Ailytic’s customers can better manage execution, perform historical analysis and then predict and optimise what actions to take, far more easily than from traditional technology players. There is a lot of hype around Industry 4.0, IIoT and AI. “Our combined solutions can actually deliver a next generation approachin a more tangible and easily achievable way, and do that for all sizes of operation, large and small”, added Mr. Balzary.


Ailytic secures new premises

Adelaide, January 2nd 2017: To facilitate the growth achieved since our launch 6 months ago, we have moved into a new premises in King William Road, Adelaide, South Australia.

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