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Packaging and Bottling

Industry Challenges

Low margins induced by intense competition is driving an increased need for manufacturing automation and market specialisation

Packaging innovation is seen as a critical enabler of competitive advantage resulting in a need to iterate different designs and their performance on standard production lines

High expectation of improved service level and improved visibility of order status for clients is leading to a greater need for collaborative business systems

A continuous drive to shorten lead times and react to critical orders for high priority customers

Increased capability to promise demands require packaging companies to have confidence in their production schedules

Ailytic delivers confidence with scheduling tools that can adapt and learn with changing conditions.

How Ailytic can help

Plan and Schedule

Manage long range orders and detailed visibility of short term schedules with the ability to react and respond to client requests

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Optimise critical objectives

Take advantage of powerful optimisation to reduce planning time and minimise the the number of skilled resources creating and maintaining schedules

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Dry Goods, Packaging

Balance inventory levels of input materials and manage order status according to dry goods availability/arrival with confidence ensuring that delivery dates can be met

Integrate Data

Interface with ERP, MRP, MES, SCADA, Historian, custom databases and other operations systems to ensure the complete picture is visible

Increase Efficiency

Load level, increase run length and improve line efficiency by minimising chengeover and increasing scheduled time for improved OEE ensuring resources are managed accurately

Analyse results

Compare schedule scenario’s according to operational performance metrics. Dynamic dashboards, ad-hoc queries and standard reports

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Performance Analytics
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