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Smart Factory Technologies

Welcome to your smart factory where you take real-time control of your production with the Worximity connectivity technologies.

Cloud Based Analytics Software

Industrial Internet WiFi sensors


Improve OEE with sensors and software to suit a range of manufacturing environments.



Monitor the performance of your operation in real time from any device using a standard suite of metrics


Easily manage downtime events without complex integration to automation systems

continuous improvement

Benchmark products, shifts, crew's and drive change in behavior to ensure consistent operations 

TileConnect Technology

Our TileConnect smart sensors can be connected in less than an hour on all types of manufacturing equipment. The data collected is transferred to the cloud and then shown succinctly and in a user-friendly way on our Tileboard dashboard.

TileBoard, the real-time dashboard

The Tileboard application lets you view all the production data in real-time that you need to make informed strategic decisions. The algorithms behind our 5 suites help you monitor your most important KPIs.

Get up and running in hours, not days or weeks

Case Study


Andrew Macpherson, CEO for OzPak said, “OzPak is a key partner to the Australian and Global Wine Industry, and as part of our strategy, we continue to strive for ways to improve customer service and increase efficiency in our operations. The solution deployed by Ailytic immediately increased our understanding of line performance, stoppages, crew and shift performance and equipment characteristics. After just a few weeks we are using the insights to change the way we operate for the better.”

OzPak Case Study
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